Our core philosophy and our key strength lie in the quality of our installations. SAF Technologies was originally founded by installation engineers, and the commitment to quality in our installation process has been paramount ever since. The key to a well functioning, long-lasting system is good electronics basics and attention to detail in the installation phase. Our project and installation department controls all installation work performed for our clients. They provide the comprehensive planning and attention to the strictest details prior to installation. The actual installation is then done by our own highly qualified and security vetted engineers. Before system turnover is considered, everything is checked and re-checked. We consider the job finished only when it’s professional and right.

In an industry where the lowest paid employees are typically installation personnel, we pride ourselves in providing skilled installers or apprentices under supervision. With rework of national company installations as a big part of our business emphasis, we prove ourselves in clean installations that can be easily serviced by our technicians. National accounts that install rapidly and without attention to detail provide opportunity for our personnel to come in, unscramble the “spaghetti” in the system and provide a clean, working installation to go forward with.

Just as the foundation of a building sets the pattern for the construction, quality installation of professional security systems is the foundation for system integrity. Professional installation of our security solutions is obviously a very high priority for SAF Technologies, Incorporated. We do it very well. In fact, we believe we do it better than anybody!

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