SAF Technologies is extremely adept at providing parking control. We provide integrated parking control hardware and software to form a complete parking management structure. In accordance with customer requirements, parking control can be a stand alone system, or one designed to integrate seamlessly with Access Control, CCTV and other security systems. We will engineer and install a barrier system that will control vehicle or pedestrian movement to prevent unauthorized access. Our engineering personnel will develop a solution that marries security with convenience and uninhibited flow for personnel through consultative interaction with your administrative managers. While security is increasingly more encumbering, we will try to minimize the impact on your operations and employee good will. This is just one reason that SAF Technologies is a preferred supplier of security solutions to companies that have dealt with other national firms for many years. We care about professionalism, your operation, and your opinion of our support of that operation.

We have everything you will need to manage an effective parking operation. As your parking control needs grow, we can easily upgrade your solution to one with additional features and functionality. If fast through-put is important, our high speed readers and barrier arms allow ingress and egress with virtually no degradation of flow until mandated by your criterion.

Personnel turnstiles can be provided in steel, plexi-glass, or optical variations. They can be aesthetically sensitive for high-end lobbies or integrated into the fencing at large industrial plants. SAF Technologies is committed to providing the product that best fits the application.

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